Miss Fashionetta 2019

Welcome to our Miss Fashionetta™ 2019 Scholarship Program information page!
Miss Fashionetta™ 2019 Scholarship Program spans a period of six months, during this six month journey we focus on goals, such as, scholarship, empowerment, achievement, mentorship and the ability to know each and every one of our precious Pearls can Become anything they want to Become.
Yes, our theme for 2019 is Becoming Miss Fashionetta™!
As we strive to reach our goals during this program, the Pearls attend and participate in workshops, service projects, educational sessions, fun and engaging social events and a college bus tour. All of our program events are chaperoned and facilitated by dynamic members and friends of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated ® Beta Gamma Omega Chapter.
Workshop Topics:
• Book Study and Discussion – Becoming Michelle Obama
• Etiquette and the Etiquette Experience – Professional and social etiquette skills
• Reality Workshop – focus on the reality of earning, saving and spending money wisely

Additionally, each Pearl is responsible for securing advertisements for our Cotillion Souvenir Program. Each Pearl is responsible for securing a table (10 seats) for the Cotillion. The Pearl who raises the most money from advertisements and donations will be crowned Miss Fashionetta ™.
Solicitations for advertisements and sponsors are as follows.
The deadline to submit all advertisements and donation is October 1, 2019:

Full page ad: $200.00
½ page ad: $100.00
¼ page ad: $50.00
Business card ad: $25.00
Precious Pearl Patrons: $15.00
Tea Rose Patrons: $10.00

This year we have 13 very lovely Pearls participating in the Miss Fashionetta™ 2019 Scholarship Program. Our Pearls attend various high schools in Lexington, Florence and Somerset, KY. And we also have 19 adorable Pearls in Waiting (PIW) who range grades from kindergarten to fifth grade, participating in a program tailored especially for this age range.
The Cotillion will be held on Sunday, November 10, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Hyatt Downtown Lexington. The cost: $55 Adult ticket and $35 child ticket.

Miss Fashionetta™ 2019 Scholarship Program Committee members